The Puerto Vallarta International Airport is pretty easy to navigate, but it always helps to know a few tips ahead of time so that you avoid any vacation dilemmas. The Puerto Vallarta International Airport has only two terminals, so it is unlikely you will get lost in the airport. However, here are a few tips that may help make your time in the Puerto Vallarta Airport even better.

Pre-Arrange Airport Transfers

It is recommended that you arrange your airport transfers ahead of time. This will save you time, and you won’t have to deal with negotiating cab fare with taxi drivers. When you book your airport transfer ahead of time, your transportation will be waiting on you when you arrive. Ensure that the transportation that you arranged has your name on a sign to make it easier to recognize the correct transfer company to avoid any confusion.

Timeshare Promoters

When you land at the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, be aware that you will be approached by timeshare promoters after you pass customs and immigration. They will try to flag you down to invite you to sign up for a timeshare presentation. Is a timeshare presentation something that would interest you? It is a great way to receive special discounts and incentives that are offered when you attend a timeshare presentation. Plus, you get great information on the available timeshares in case you are ready to make an investment for future vacations for you and your loved ones.

Suitcase ID

Another helpful tip for navigating the Puerto Vallarta Airport is to make sure to mark your suitcase with a colorful ribbon or special tag that you can identify your bag with ease at baggage claim.  By doing this, you probably won’t mistakenly pick up another travelers suitcase, or have yours accidentally picked up by someone else.

Arrive 2 Hours Ahead of Time

As with most flights, it is always a good idea to arrive 2 hours prior to your departing flight. Puerto Vallarta International Airport is small, but it can get very busy during high season and the check in process could take longer than anticipated.  Aeromexico is a major Mexican airline with many destinations and all passengers must check in. National flights within Mexico also require passengers to arrive at least two hours prior to their departing flight.

Print Your Boarding Pass  

Another good idea is to print your boarding pass ahead of time, or make sure you have an electronic boarding pass easily accessible on your phone. This will help you avoid long lines and make the whole process more efficient.

Don’t Buy Souvenirs  

It is best to avoid souvenir shopping at the airport as there are limited options available. There are just a couple of stores, and their stock is not extensive. It is best to buy your souvenirs once in town or on the beach for better prices and more selection.

Wi-Fi Internet Available for a Cost

There is Wi-Fi internet available at Puerto Vallarta International Airport, but you do have to pay a fee to access it. Try to log in from your phone or computer to check for the latest rate for using Wi-Fi.

Wear Layers

Some flights that arrive at the Puerto Vallarta International Airport require passengers to walk from the plane on the tarmac to the terminal, so it’s a good idea to wear layers on the plane. For visitors coming from cold weather locations, they will be ready to take off their coats and soak in the Puerto Vallarta sun.  Weather is warm year round in Puerto Vallarta during the day and even at night, so be prepared for a possible climate change from your hometown.

Limited Food Options

Be aware that there isn’t a ton of options for food at Puerto Vallarta International Airport, so it’s best to eat ahead of time or bring snacks with you. Just remember, no fresh fruits, meats or vegetables are allowed to be brought into the country.

Have a safe flight and hope to see you soon at Puerto Vallarta International Airport!